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The North Carolina State Crime Laboratory is committed to providing assistance to our customers. If you have questions concerning an analysis or potential submission, please use the following contact information:

Drug Chemistry (Controlled Substances) Ann Hamlin, Forensic Scientist Manager 919-582-8801
Toxicology (Blood Alcohol/Blood Drug) Aaron Joncich, Forensic Scientist Manager 919-582-8805
Forensic Biology (Serology/DNA) Jody West, Forensic Scientist Manager 919-582-8863
Firearms, Tool marks, or Trace Evidence Jen Remy, Forensic Scientist Manager 919-582-8924
Latent Evidence or Digital Evidence Karen Morrow, Forensic Scientist Manager 919-582-8731
Evidence Submission Rice Cox, Evidence Control Unit Supervisor 919-582-8756
Triad Regional Laboratory Liz Patel, Forensic Scientist Manager 336-315-4909
Western Regional Laboratory Ana Baxter, Forensic Scientist Manager 828-654-0525

The main contact number for the Laboratory is 919-582-8700.

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