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North Carolina Department of Justice
North Carolina Department of Justice
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Criminal Justice Standards Division
Telephone: (919) 661-5980 Fax: (919) 779-8210 
Mailing Address
Physical Address
Post Office Drawer 149
1700 Tryon Park Drive
Raleigh, NC 27602
Raleigh, NC 27610

Staff Directory
Steven Combs, Director
Donna Byrd, Administrative Secretary
Gail Raper, Receptionist
Certification and Field Services Section:
Richard Squires, Deputy Director
Jenny Howell, Law Enforcement Coordinator
Tammie Dame, Law Enforcement Processing Assistant
Judy Kelley, Investigator
Kim Pulley, Corrections Coordinator
Pat Hinnant, Corrections Processing Assistant
Michelle Schilling, Investigator
Mike Brim, Region 5 (Southern Coastal) Field Services Coordinator
Alex Setzer, Region 4 (Coastal) Field Services Coordinator
Robert Beck, Region 3 (Capital) Field Services Coordinator
Mike Register, Region 2 (Foothills) Field Services Coordinator
Ken Bumgarner, Region 1 (Mountains) Field Services Coordinator
Randy Munn, Company/Campus Police Program Administrator
Alex Radford- Company/Campus Police Processing Assistant
Training and Research Section:
Trevor Allen, Deputy Director
Erica Reid  Administrative Assistant
Charminique Branson, Research and Planning Specialist, BLET Administrator
Robert Overton , Instructor and Speed Measurement Instrument (SMI) Administrator
Dawn Suffel, Instructor Program Processing Assistant
Edward Zapolsky, Concealed Carry Handgun (CCH) Program; Retired LEO Firearms Program, & Professional Certificate/Award Program Administrator
Sharon Witherspoon, SMI Program Processing Assistant
Diane Isaacs, Eastern Region Exam Administrator
Kevin Wallace, Central Region Exam Administrator
Dean Gordon, Western Region Exam Administrator