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Research & Planning

We improve SBI procedures, systems and yields with strategic planning. This planning involves short- and long-range programs and identifying the future of the SBI through needs assessments, feasibility studies, and the evaluation of current hardware and software needs. We also identify, develop, and submit requests for management grants to help the SBI meet its mission.
We develop, review, and maintain SBI policies, procedures, and administrative orders.
Crime Reporting and Criminal Statistics Units
We administer crime reporting standards for North Carolina and provide support for the 475 law enforcement agencies that participate in the Uniform Crime Reporting Program.
Our crime statisticians collate and analyze data collected by the SBI to assure quality control. The data is then compiled into the Uniform Crime Report and disseminated  throughout the state and country. This information about crime reporting statistics is used by the media, the legislature, local governments and the public.
Traffic Stops Unit
We maintain and analyze all traffic stops data by local law enforcement in North Carolina. SBI Special Agents who make traffic stops based upon a motor vehicle violation pursuant to Chapter 20 of the NC General Statutes also participate.
Participants in the traffic stop reporting program include: all State law enforcement officers; law enforcement employed by county sheriffs or county police departments; officers employed by police departments in municipalities with a population of 10,000 or more persons; officers employed by police departments in municipalities employing five or more full-time sworn officers for every 1,000 in population, as calculated by the division for the calendar year in which the stop was made.
Accreditation Unit
We acquire law enforcement accreditation for the SBI. The SBI must meet the following standards to maintain accreditation: (1) Increase agencies' capabilities to prevent and control crimes; (2) Increase agencies' effectiveness and efficiency of law enforcement delivery; (3) Increase cooperation with other law enforcement; (4) Increase citizen and employee confidence.  The SBI is accredited through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.

The Research and Planning Section is under the supervision of Special Agent in Charge Scottie Carpenter.