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Attorney General Roy Cooper

Roy Cooper serves as North Carolina's Attorney General to fight crime and protect consumers. He was first elected in 2000 and was reelected to a fourth term in 2012.

Cooper’s initiatives include:
  • Increased DNA testing of crime scene evidence to identify the guilty and clear the innocent, and inclusion of all felons and certain arrestees in the state's database of convicted offenders, resulting in a record number of hits to help solve crimes.
  • Tougher sentences for child predators and pornographers and more tools to help law enforcement track down offenders including establishing the first SBI Computer Crimes Unit.
  • Mandates to require sex offenders to report where they live, plus email notifications and a free app to alert you to offenders in your community.
  • Taking on tough cases, including resolving the Duke Lacrosse case and investigating and prosecuting public corruption involving sheriffs, district attorneys, state legislators, and other elected officials.
  • Fighting school violence by training law enforcement in rapid deployment and helping schools plan for emergencies such as school shootings.
  • Helping prevent crime through tutoring and mentoring efforts to keep kids out of a life of crime and gangs.
  • Winning a landmark national settlement to reform mortgages and prevent foreclosure abuses, including more than $300 million in help for NC homeowners.
  • Directing consumer funds to prescription drug initiatives for those who cannot afford their medications.
  • Forcing the Tennessee Valley Authority to significantly reduce pollution that harms North Carolinians’ health, our environment, and our tourism industry.
  • Providing a safe harbor for victims of domestic violence and stalking through the Address Confidentiality Program.

Roy Cooper was born in Nash County, NC in 1957, attended public schools and worked summers on the farm. His mother, Beverly Cooper, worked as a school teacher and his father, Roy Cooper Jr., farmed and practiced law. Roy Cooper attended UNC Chapel Hill as a Morehead Scholar and received his undergraduate and law degrees there.

Before becoming attorney general, Roy Cooper was the managing partner of his law firm where he learned how to run a small business. He was elected to both the North Carolina House and Senate and served as Senate Majority Leader and Chairman of the Judiciary and Ethics Committees among others.
Roy Cooper has served for many years as a Sunday school teacher, an elder and deacon in his church. He has long tutored students at local schools and has led fundraising for the March of Dimes, Barium Springs Home for Children and the United Way. He and his wife, Kristin, who is also an attorney, have three children, Hilary, Natalie and Claire.