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Kisty Britt -Randy Newman
Victim or Case Name and Number: Kisty Faylena Britt & Randy Lee Newman
Crime Committed or Inflicted: Robbery and Double Murder
Crime Date: 12/27/1996
Time Range:
City/County: Fairmont, Robeson County
State: North Carolina
District: Southeastern
On Friday, December 27, 1996, the bodies of Kisty Faylena Britt (age 19) and Randy Lee Newman (age 41) were found inside the J & J Convenient Store located at the intersections of Highways 41 and 904 in Fairmont.  The store had been robbed and both victims were shot.

Kisty Britt was a clerk at the store who lived in Fairmont.  Randy Newman was a customer who resided in Greensboro but was on his way to the beach.  Both victims were shot in the head at close range with a small caliber handgun.  The store security video cassette recorder as well as approximately $1,000 cash was stolen from the store.

The investigation indicated that a small-to-medium red or burgundy car may be involved in the crimes.  Possible suspects in the robbery and homicides may have connections to the Robeson County and Winston-Salem areas.  Three men had been seen at the store around the time of the murders.  Investigators believe that these three men were involved in or associated with the individual(s) who were involved in the deaths of Britt and Newman.

If you have information about this case, call the Robeson County Sheriff's Department (910) 671-3100.   If you have information about this case or any unsolved case in North Carolina, please contact the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation by email SBI Operations Center or by phone (800) 334-3000.

$10,000 REWARD for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible for two homicides and the robbery of a convenience store in Fairmont.

Last updated:        May 11, 2009

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