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North Carolina Marks First Anniversary of Do Not Call Law

Release date: 9/30/2004

Raleigh: One year after the Do Not Call Registry took effect, consumers are enjoying the benefits of more peace and quiet at home thanks to strict enforcement of the law, Attorney General Roy Cooper said today.

“We’re hearing from people that the Registry really is working to cut down on unwanted telemarketing calls,” said Cooper. “But telemarketers who ignore the law are hearing from my office.”

Complaints from people who have gotten unwanted telemarketing calls enable Cooper’s Do Not Call Enforcement Team to go after violators. In the past year, more than 3,200 North Carolinians who signed up for the Registry but still received telemarketing calls have filed written complaints with Cooper’s office. More than 5,600 people have called to request information about the Registry or to complain about unwanted telemarketing calls.

Since state and federal Do Not Call laws took effect October 1, 2003, Cooper has taken action to stop 18 telemarketers that made calls to North Carolinians listed on the Registry. Cooper has resolved 12 of those cases, winning more than $140,000 from violators. Cooper is actively pursuing cases against six other companies in the courts, including some of the top sources of complaints, such as Debt Management Foundation, National Event Coordinators, MST Business Research, and Satellite Solutions. While their cases are pending, all of those companies have stopped making calls into North Carolina or are complying with state law. Several other companies are currently under investigation.

Cooper’s office is actively investigating complaints from consumers and has written to approximately 2,090 companies in response to possible Do Not Call violations to secure compliance with the law. In cases where investigators find a pattern of violations, Cooper enforces the law to put a stop to the illegal telemarketing calls.

To report telemarketers, consumers can call 1-877-5-NO-SCAM toll-free within the state or go to to fill out a Do Not Call complaint form. When filing a complaint about a telemarketer, consumers should provide their name and address, the date and approximate time of the call, their telephone number that the telemarketer called, and the company’s name and/or telephone number. Consumers can file a complaint once they have been listed in the Registry for three months. After January 1, 2005, new registrants can file a complaint after one month on the Registry.

More than 2 million North Carolina numbers have been placed on the Do Not Call Registry since consumers began signing up in July of 2003. Consumers can continue to add their home and mobile telephone numbers to the list by going to or calling 1-888-382-1222 within North Carolina from the number they wish to register.

“We know that some telemarketers are determined to keep calling consumers who’ve made it clear they don’t want these calls,” said Cooper. “We need consumers to report these violations to us so we can protect our right to peace and quiet at home.”

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