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Statement by AG Cooper on Connecticut school shooting

Release date: 12/14/2012

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this horrific school shooting, their families and their community. We hope that North Carolina never faces a tragedy like this, but we owe it to students, parents and teachers to be ready. North Carolina schools have been provided with strategies and training to help them prepare for a school shooting, and all schools need to review those plans to make sure they’re ready.”

Cooper’s office helped provide every school in North Carolina with a Critical Incident Response Kit to help prepare them for a crisis such as a school shooting. A completed kit includes items like: architectural blueprints for the school: cut-off procedures for fire alarms, utilities, and sprinkler systems; keys to the school in a separately locked container; evacuation plans; and emergency contact information.
Cooper has also made specialized training in rapid deployment technique available to all law enforcement, including School Resource Officers (SROs), through the NC Justice Academy and the State Bureau of Investigation.  Rapid deployment teaches officers who are the first to arrive on the scene to assemble a team, enter the building, and find any active shooters.  During an emergency such as a school shooting, rapid deployment can save lives, as it did in August of 2006 during an attempted school shooting in Orange County, NC.