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Statement by AG Roy Cooper on his recommendations to toughen penalties for meth

Release date: 6/24/2004

“Methamphetamine is a highly dangerous drug that threatens the safety of our communities. Tougher laws are an important step in shutting down these toxic drug labs and putting meth manufacturers behind bars.”

Background: The Senate today voted to strengthen North Carolina laws against methamphetamine.

Under the proposed law, penalties for the manufacture of methamphetamine would increase from a

Class H felony to a Class C felony meaning that meth makers would serve active prison time. The

legislation would also increase the penalty for possessing precursor ingredients needed to “cook” the

drug from a Class H felony a Class F to discourage the spread of meth labs.

In addition, the bill would add meth to the list of drugs that can trigger a charge of second-degree

murder when the drug causes an overdose death and enhances the criminal penalty when a child is

present in a meth lab or endangered by meth. In 2003, children were found living in one-fourth of

homes where meth labs were discovered.