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North Carolina Department of Justice
North Carolina Department of Justice
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Top Issues

Attorney General Roy Cooper and the Department of Justice are charged with providing law enforcement, legal and consumer help across North Carolina.
His priorities are fighting crime and fraud and providing the right information for people to make smart decisions about their safety and their money.
The crime fight includes new laws, like tougher punishment for drug dealers who make meth. It means better resources for the state’s top crime investigators at the State Bureau of Investigation, like more use of DNA evidence.
Protecting consumers means going after scam artists who trick people into bad deals like risky loans or telemarketing swindles.
Public protection also means taking care of the state’s most vulnerable residents, such as seniors in long-term care and children at school.
Through Cooper’s safety programs, educators and law enforcement know what to do. Through investigations after tragedy occurs, the department keeps the public protected and informed.