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Stop Meth

Methamphetamine is a dangerous and highly addictive drug that can kill. It’s more potent and longer lasting than other drugs, and it destroys its users. Meth is a complex challenge for law enforcement because both its production and its use can be deadly.
Meth Labs
Meth is cheap and easy to make using common ingredients like cold medicine and household chemicals. Secret meth labs in homes and other structures put neighbors at risk from fires, explosions, hazardous fumes, and toxic waste. Children and seniors living in homes where meth is made are especially at risk and many suffer from abuse, neglect and exposure to dangerous chemicals.

The one pot method of meth production, also known as shake and bake labs, gives addicts a simple way to make meth almost anywhere.  With this method, criminals can make small batches of meth using a plastic soda bottle. 
Meth Addiction
Users can become hooked the first time they take meth, and the addiction is one of the most difficult to treat. People who take meth can become violent and paranoid, and the drug can cause heart attacks and death.
Fighting Meth
Attorney General Josh Stein and law enforcement experts who bust meth labs pushed for stronger laws to put criminals who make meth behind bars and to make it harder for criminals to get the drug’s key ingredient. Meth cooks who put children, seniors, or people with disabilities in danger or injure law enforcers or emergency responders face extra time in jail.
The battle against homemade meth continues, along with the fight against drug traffickers who import meth and crime into North Carolina. Attorney General Stein is also working to educate people about how to spot meth labs  and keep people from getting addicted to meth.