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Protect Your Family

Talk to Your Family About Meth
Methamphetamine is a uniquely dangerous and addictive drug. The best way to protect your family from meth is to discuss the drug with them.
Teenagers and preteens sometimes feel invincible, an attitude that can lead to risky behaviors including experimenting with drugs. Talk to your children about the dangers of illegal drugs, including meth.
Protect Your Community
The effects of meth addiction can spread throughout your community, causing crime and violence. Meth labs where addicts cook the drug can explode or catch fire, and become toxic waste dumps. Children found living in homes where meth is made have to be removed from their parents.
One way to protect your family and your community from meth is to learn the signs of a meth lab. If you think you have spotted a meth lab, call 911 immediately. Never examine a suspected lab yourself.
If you work in a store that sells ingredients used to make meth, be alert for people who are buying a lot at one time. If you suspect that someone is buying ingredients to make meth, contact law enforcement.