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Standing Up, Fighting Back

Standing Up. Fighting Back.
Learn how to avoid phony sweepstakes offers, health care scams, and telemarketing fraud by watching other consumers share their experiences with rip offs and scams.  Our video, “Standing Up, Fighting Back: North Carolinians Guarding Against Fraud,” includes interviews with North Carolinians to explain how scammers operate and how you can avoid them.

Watch the Video
Click the video screen above to watch the complete video or watch each story individually using the following links:

Opening (3:25)
Dialing for Dollars (4:20) Telemarketing and Sweepstakes Scams
Diagnosis: Fraud (4:40) Health Care Scams
Risky Business (4:20) Annuity and Investments Scams
The Money Pit (6:00) Home Construction and Repair Scams
Conclusion (2:25)

Get Tips
You can also read tips on how to avoid the scams these consumers experienced.

Learn What Happened Next
Read about what happened to the people who shared their experiences with scams in the video.

Get A Closed-Captioned DVD
The "Standing Up, Fighting Back" DVD is closed captioned. Copies are available upon request for hearing-impaired consumers. Copies of the DVD are also available for those who want to show "Standing Up, Fighting Back" to groups.