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Attorney General Roy Cooper and his Consumer Protection Division protect North Carolinians from unfair and deceptive trade practices.  Through court orders and settlements, Cooper has won millions of dollars from wrongdoers to help North Carolina consumers.  Funds have been used in the past to educate consumers, support local food banks, help struggling homeowners, and give patients access to needed medicines.

Consumer Protection Grants
The Attorney General is currently seeking applications from non-profits, educational and health care institutions, and public agencies for projects that benefit North Carolina consumers in the following areas:
  • Health care, including projects on general health care, prescription drug abuse, and mental illness.
  • Senior fraud, including projects to reduce fraud that targets seniors and strengthen consumer protections for the elderly.
  • Military/Veteran fraud, including projects that provide training, support and other services to reduce fraud that targets active military and veterans.
  • Consumer protection, including projects that help NC consumers recognize, avoid and challenge unfair business practices.

How to Apply
To learn how to Apply for a Consumer Protection Grant, please read the Request for Proposals.

Eligible proposals will be reviewed by a committee that will make recommendations to the Attorney General on which projects to fund.  Read more about the review and awards process, including grant cycle deadlines and projected dollar amounts.

For additional information, see the Frequently Asked Questions.  You can also email us your questions.

Applicants should apply online.  You can also see a sample application form.

Reports on Grants
Grant winners will be required to provide written reports about the projects as required by state law.  Visit for guidelines for grantee reports or view a sample report.