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AG Cooper stops illegal calls to voters as primary nears

Release date: 4/30/2008

Warns voters to be wary of confusing registration mailings

Raleigh: Telemarketing calls that led North Carolina residents to question whether they could vote have stopped, but voters should question mailings scheduled to arrive soon, Attorney General Roy Cooper said Wednesday.
On Wednesday, Cooper and his consumer protection team demanded that the organization Women’s Voices Women Vote stop breaking state law with prerecorded calls to North Carolina residents. The organization said Wednesday the calls would stop.
The robo-calls told residents that they would be receiving a voter registration form in the mail that they needed to sign. But the deadline to register by mail has passed, and some call recipients already were registered, causing confusion.
“Regardless of the motivation, the robo-calls violated the law and they needed to stop,” Cooper said.
The calls violated state law by failing to disclose who sponsored the call and failing to offer the organization’s contact information to get the calls to stop.
If voters have doubts, they can check a registration at the state Board of Elections website at or by phone through their local county board of elections.
Already this year Cooper urged political parties and candidates to honor the Do Not Call Registry and to abide by state law that requires disclosure. People who join the Registry are protected from commercial calls by both state and federal laws, but those laws currently exclude political robo-calls.
To report telemarketers or candidates that make calls unlawfully, consumers can call 1-877-5-NO-SCAM toll free within the state or download a complaint form at

  Contact:  Jennifer Canada, (919) 716-6413