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ISO Procedures

The North Carolina State Crime Lab and forensic laboratories across the country are moving to the ISO 17025, international standards that provide a global basis for laboratory accreditation in management and technical requirements. We welcome public comment on the new standards. Contact senior lab management to share your comments.

The official version of all documents exists on the Crime Laboratory's internal server. Any documents which are printed are considered to be uncontrolled.


Section Technical Procedures

Digital Evidence
Approved Software for Forensic Computer Examinations
Audio Clarification
Audio Duplication and Conversion
Audio Evidence Repair
Audio Performance Verification
Audio Physical Inspection of Evidence
Audio Results
Cellular Telephone Data Extraction
Cellular Telephone Deleted Data Extraction
Computer Apple Macintosh Preview Procedure
Computer Approved Software
Computer Cable Acquisition Procedure
Computer DOS Hard Drive Imaging
Computer DVR Analysis Procedure
Computer Evidence Search Final
Computer Glossary
Computer Hard Drive Removal
Computer HardCopy Imaging Procedure
Computer Macintosh Native Examination Procedure
Computer Performance Verification
Computer Physical Dump of Cellular Telephone Data
Computer Removable External Media Imaging
Computer Generating Results Procedure
Computer Results Statements
Computer Rimage Operating Instructions
Computer System Image Restoration
Computer Target Drive Preparation
Computer Windows Imaging Procedure
Computer Work Flow Diagrams Final
Taser Function Test
Taser Serial Data Download
Taser USB Data Download
Video Acquisition
Video Creation of Image CD
Video Duplication and Conversion
Video Enhancement
Video Evidence Repair
Video Image Enhancement
Video Image Export
Video Image Printing
Video Performance Verification
Video Physical Inspection of Evidence
Video Results Procedure
Video Standard Settings Reference Guide

DNA Database
Drug Chemistry

Firearm and Tool Mark

Forensic Biology
Body Fluid Casework Procedures

DNA Casework Procedures
Section Wide Documents

Latent Evidence
1,2-Indanedione - Zinc
Amido Black
Basic Yellow
CODIS Fingerprint Verification
Conducting Reviews
Coomassie Blue
Crystal Violet
Cyanoacrylate Ester Kits
Cyvac II
Cyvac M
Dental Stone
Footwear Impression Examinations
Forensic Technician
General Laboratory Equipment
Gelatin Lifters
Hungarian Red
Image Processing
Inherent Luminescence
KIIs and MCIIs
Known Footwear Standards
Known Tire Standards
LES Abbreviations-10-31-2013
Liquid Adhesive Print Lifter
Nikon D2X
Nikon D3
Nikon D100
Nikon F4
Nile Red
Ninhydrin HFE-7100
NP Evidence
Obtaining Known Exemplars via CIIS-AFIT
Physical Developer
Porous Processing
Portable UV Light
Potassium Iodide
Powder Processing
Preservation of Footwear and Tire Tread Evidence
Processing of Hands and Feet of Unknown Deceased
Property Crimes and SAFIS Search Guidelines
Quality Control
Recording of All Analytical Data
Safe Work Practices
Safefume Cyanoacrylate Chamber
SICAR Crimeshoe FBI
Sodium Hypochlorite
Sticky-Side Powder
Sudan Black
Super Glue Fuming Wand
Tape Glo
Tire Tread Examinations
Tire Tread Search
TracER Laser
UltraLite ALS
Writing Results Statements
Zinc Chloride HFE
Zinc Chloride


Trace Evidence