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Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Division conducts the most sensitive investigations involving public corruption and government misconduct as well as investigations for the NC Judicial Standards Commission.  The division is responsible for the receipt and evaluation of reported theft and misuse of state property.  In addition, the division is responsible for the internal affairs function of the NC State Bureau of Investigation and administrative staff inspections throughout the SBI.
Units that fall under the supervision of the Professional Standards Division include Special Investigations, Financial Crime Investigations, Case Records Management, and Internal Affairs.

Special Investigations
The Special Investigations Unit conducts and coordinates investigations into certain allegations of public corruption and misconduct by government officials as well as investigations for the NC Judicial Standards Commission.

Financial Crime Investigations
The Financial Crime Investigations Unit conducts investigations involving complex white collar crimes such as embezzlement, false pretense, and corporate malfeasance as well as other financial crimes.  The unit also assists other SBI Special Agents in financial crime investigations and provides support in developing financial motives for arson and homicide.  In addition, the Financial Crime Investigations Unit assists local, state, and federal drug task forces to identify assets of drug traffickers, to trace the flow of illicit cash for criminal prosecution, and to assist with asset seizure and forfeiture proceedings.  The unit is heavily involved in political corruption investigations when a financial motive is involved.

Case Records Management
The Case Records Management Section maintains a network repository for investigative case files and all related case information.  Collected data and documents related to investigations worked by SBI Special Agents are processed and stored in the Case Records Management Systems (CRMS). 

Internal Affairs
During Fiscal Year 2012-2013, the Professional Standards Division initiated one internal affairs inquiry involving an internally-generated complaint or allegation against Bureau employees.  The investigation involved an allegation of unacceptable personal conduct.

There were two investigations initiated during the past fiscal year based on external citizen complaints.  The investigations involved allegations of unprofessional personal conduct and a violation of civil rights.

The investigations referenced above involved three female employees.  One complaint or allegation was sustained, one was not sustained, and one was unfounded.

Professional Standards received and documented 19 automobile accidents involving Bureau vehicles.  Regarding employees involved in the accidents, 79% were male employees and 21% were female employees.   

Professional Standards:    Assistant Director Erik A. Hooks