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Forensic Biology & DNA

Forensic experts in the State Crime Lab analyze blood, body fluids, tissue, and other biological materials to identify the presence and contributor of the biological specimens through DNA analysis.  The majority of examinations involve violent crimes such as murder, sexual assault, or aggravated assault.

DNA Analysis
DNA analysis by this unit has been crucial to solving some of the state's most violent rape and homicide cases.  The section offers a full service DNA typing laboratory that uses a PCR based typing system called STRs which has a faster turn-around-time for cases with a high probability of discrimination. 
We also analyze convicted offender DNA samples and upload them to the state's DNA database, which currently contains nearly 200,000 DNA profiles.  North Carolina's database is part of a national DNA database called CODIS (Combined DNA Index System). 
Sexual Assault Kits
The Forensic Biology Section also manages Sexual Assault Programs, which includes preparation and distribution of Sexual Assault and Suspect Evidence Collection Kits and the training of medical and law enforcement personnel.  Police use the kits to collect evidence and can submit them to the State Crime Lab for analysis.
Crime Scene Examination
At crime scenes, section agents also assist local law enforcement agencies by conducting luminol testing for traces of blood invisible to the naked eye.  Such testing is valuable in cases where someone has tried to clean the crime scene.

Forensic Biology & DNA Section:   Acting Forensic Scientist Manager John A. Byrd