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Probationary Appointments

All justice officers, except those transferred or reinstated pursuant to Rule .0406 shall serve a probationary certification period of one year, provided that probationary period has not been extended for cause (such as fingerprints have not been received by the Division, or a request for an extension in order for the officer to complete training has been requested and granted).
In the case of a deputy sheriff, the probationary period begins on the date he or she took the Oath of Office. For a detention officer, the probationary period begins either on the date of appointment or the date of oath, whichever occurred first. For a telecommunicator, the probationary period begins on the date of appointment.
After the one year probationary period has been served and the officer has received the mandated training and the Division has processed fingerprint cards on file, the officer will be issued General Certification.
Lateral Transfers
If the applicant has previously held General or Grandfather Certification in the same capacity as that for which he/she is being hired, and has had less than a one-year break in service, he/she should qualify as a lateral transfer. State correctional officers, state probation/parole officers, and state youth services officers do not meet lateral transfer requirements under Rule .0103 (9).