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TCC Accreditation Standards

Prior to the delivery of any Commission-accredited training course(s), the institution/agency must first receive accreditation as a delivery site for the Telecommunicator Certification Course. In order to obtain accreditation, an institution/agency must submit a “Request for School Accreditation” (Form F-7T).
The main focus of the Form F-7T is for the institution’s/agency’s Executive Officer and School Director to note compliance with Rule .0708. Compliance with this rule includes the following:
  1. Acquire and allocate sufficient financial resources for program expenses;
  2. Provide adequate support staff assistance;
  3. Provide a comfortable, well-lighted and ventilated classroom with sufficient seating capacity;
  4. Provide audiovisual equipment and other instructional devices as appropriate.
The accredited institutions may be subject to audits to review course delivery records to ensure continued compliance with the Commission’s accreditation standards. Accreditation is continuous so long as the institution/agency maintains any requirement, standard or procedure for school accreditation or course delivery as required by Section .0700 of the administrative rules and demonstrates continued compliance with both the requirements of Rule .0708 and the additional accreditation requirements as specified in the Telecommunicator Course Management Guide. This can be obtained by telecommunicator school directors either through Sheriffs' Standards staff or through the NCJA.  Any violation of the Commission's rules regarding accreditation may result in the suspension or revocation of an institution’s/agency’s accreditation.