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TCC School Director Certification

Any person designated to act as, or who performs the duties of, a school director in the delivery or presentation of a commission-accredited telecommunicator certification course shall be and continuously remain certified by the Commission as a school director.
To qualify for certification as a school director for TCC, the applicant shall:
  1. submit an application for School Director Certification executed by the executive officer of the institution currently accredited or which may be seeking accreditation;
  2. be currently certified as a criminal justice instructor through the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission;
  3. attend a school director’s orientation as developed and presented by the Commission staff;
  4. attend the Annual School Director Conference; and
  5. not have had any type of certification from this Commission, from the NC Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission, or from any commission pursuant to the above mentioned to have been revoked, suspended or denied for cause.
To retain school director certification, the school director must:
  1. adequately perform the duties and responsibilities of a school director as required in Rule .0709;
  2. maintain an updated copy of the Telecommunicator Course Management Guide (available from the NCJA) assigned to each accredited school.
The Commission may deny, suspend or revoke the certification of a school director for failing to meet or continuously maintain any of the requirements for qualification, or through performance failing to comply with the rules of the Commission or otherwise demonstrating incompetence.