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Telecommunicator School Director Responsibilities

As outlined in the Commission's Telecommunicator Certification Course Management Guide (available from the North Carolina Justice Academy) and the Administrative Code, school directors are deemed responsible for the administration of deliveries of Telecommunicator Certification Courses held at their institutions/agencies. It is also the responsibility of the school director to comply with all other state and federal laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Civil Rights Act and so on.
Any instructors utilized during the delivery of a Telecommunicator Certification Course must be certified as instructors to teach in the Commission-approved course.
Every instructor scheduled to teach blocks of instruction in the course delivery must be provided with the current course lesson plan for each topic area(s) he/she is scheduled to instruct. If the delivery site has a list of rules and regulations in addition to the Commission's rules and regulations, each instructor should be given a copy of such at the time he/she is provided with the current lesson plan(s). All lesson plan(s) should be examined prior to instruction in a course topic area to ensure continued compliance with the Commission's and delivery site rules and regulations. School directors must also ensure that each instructor has all necessary materials, equipment, training aids, facilities, etc. needed during each topic area.
No later than 30 days prior to the requested commencement date of the course, the Division must receive a Pre-Delivery Report (Form F-7A), a course schedule and any supplemental rules, regulations and requirements. Such supplemental rules should be added only because the additions are necessary for a productive course delivery. The entire Pre-Delivery Report will be evaluated by a Division staff member. If all information received is deemed to be in compliance with Commission rules and regulations, the school director will be notified, in writing, of approval of course delivery.
After receiving course approval, it is then the responsibility of the school director to ensure that the training being administered is in complete compliance with Commission policy and procedures. Courses must be continuously monitored and all instructors must be evaluated to ensure proper training is being offered.
Upon completion of the state examination, the school director must submit a Post Delivery Report (Form 7-B) to the Division within 10 days. The report should include evaluations of instructors, physical assessment data sheets and student course completions.
If an institution/agency wishes to supply trainees with certificates of course completion, the Division asks that the certificates be issued following successful completion of the state examination. This will avoid confusing a trainee who fails to successfully complete the state examination but completes all other topic areas and end-of-block tests.