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Information for Customers of Liquidation, LLC (AutoLoans)

North Carolina customers of Liquidation, LLC may be able to receive restitution. If this applies to you, you should have received a letter and a claim form from the North Carolina Attorney General’s Office.
Liquidation, LLC did business under a number of names, including:
  • AutoLoans, LLC
  • Car Loan, LLC
  • Sovereign Lending Solutions, LLC
  • Loan Servicing Solution, LLC
  • Servicing Company DE, LLC
In some instances, liens were placed on vehicles by one of these companies, and customers were not able to get a clear title to their vehicle. Customers who were not able to get a clear title can now do so, by following these steps:
1) Print these three legal documents:

Document One
Document Two
Document Three

(Note: These documents show legal judgments against the companies. You will submit these documents when you present your paperwork to DMV. Each document is 10-11 pages.)
2) Complete this DMV form (except for the Disclosure Section) but do not sign it. After you complete and print it, take it to a Notary Public. Sign it in the presence of the Notary Public, and have the form notarized.
3) Present the three legal documents you printed and your notarized DMV form at your local DMV office. There will be a $20 fee which you can pay by cash, credit card or check. (If you have moved out of North Carolina since you purchased the vehicle, contact our office at 1-877-566-7226 for instructions.)
For more information see the news release and this DMV webpage.