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Preparing for a Disaster

Disasters can strike in any season.  Now is the time to prepare so you're ready for the next disaster.
  • Safety first.  If you need to evacuate on short notice, don’t risk your safety by spending time gathering your personal items or financial records.  
  • List important numbers and store them in your wallet and cell phone.  Numbers to include: your insurance agent’s phone number, your bank and credit card account and phone numbers, and the number for the Consumer Protection Division, 1-877-5-NO-SCAM. 
  • Keep important documents such as insurance policies, mortgage documents, bank account information, passports, social security cards, and health insurance cards in a safe place where you can grab them quickly if you need to evacuate.  You may also want to store copies in a secure location, such as a waterproof/fireproof container or a bank safety deposit box.
  • Take your bills, too.  Creditors will still expect you to pay on time, even if you have to evacuate.
  • Inventory your home to make submitting an insurance claim simpler.  Try to videotape or photograph each room, being sure to record your most valuable items. Store your inventory in a safe place, such as a waterproof/fireproof container or a bank safety deposit box.  Consider storing photos or videos on a website that you can access from anywhere instead of just on your home computer.
  • Keep some emergency cash on hand.  Power outages can make it difficult to use ATMs or shop by debit or credit card
  • Fuel up. If you know that you may need to evacuate in the coming days or hours, make sure your car has a full tank of gas and your cell phone and other portable devices are fully charged.
  • For general tips on preparing for a disaster, visit

We Can Help
If you’ve been the victim of a disaster-related scam,  file a complaint or call us toll free within North Carolina at 1-877-5-NO-SCAM.