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North Carolina Department of Justice

North Carolina Department of Justice
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I am military personnel

Thank you for serving in the armed forces. While you work to protect our nation, our office is working to protect you and all North Carolinians from frauds, scams, and illegitimate business practices.

Many merchants who operate near our military installations provide quality services and products. They take pride in serving their military customers and treat them fairly.

Unfortunately, some businesses don't always operate fairly. They may see young men and women in uniform, some living away from home for the first time or receiving their first steady paycheck, as targets to be exploited. Scam artists also try to take advantage of military personnel and their families.

If you’ve been a victim of a scam or bad business deal, we want to help. File a complaint with us or call toll free within North Carolina 1-877-5-NO-SCAM.

Filing a complaint will not have an effect on your military record, and we will not communicate with your chain of command unless you request us to do so.

While you're overseas, you may be more vulnerable to certain types of scams like identity theft. Take steps to protect your credit. Military deployments are particularly stressful for families and financial worries can add to your stress. See our tips for getting your financial affairs in order.

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