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Protect Kids In Your Community

Follow these safety tips to help keep your children safer in your community:


  • Talk to your kids about how to be safe if approached by strangers, whether in your neighborhood or on the Internet.


  • Make sure your child’s school, day care and after school activities screen their employees. Visit and get to know the people who spend time with your children.


  • Update your list of emergency contacts and information and give a current copy to your child’s school, after school activities and trusted neighbors. 


  • Make sure your children know who would pick them up in case of an emergency or if you aren’t able to. 


  • Make sure young children know their full name, parent’s name, address and phone number. You may also want to consider getting an ID card from the NC Division of Motor Vehicles for your child to carry.


  • Protect your child’s identifying information, like their Social Security number, from strangers. Identity thieves will use an unsuspecting child’s information to get a mortgage or credit card. 

  • Use the NC Sex Offender Registry  to search for offenders and view maps and aerial photographs that pinpoint where they live. you can sign up to get email alerts when a registered sex offender moves near your home or your child’s school, daycare, or after-school activities. 

  • Encourage your children to talk to you about anything that makes them feel scared or uncomfortable. Teach your kids which trusted adults (such as grandparents, teachers, school resource officers, or a neighbor you know and trust) they can also turn to for help.