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North Carolina Department of Justice
North Carolina Department of Justice
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Fighting Crime

The Department of Justice leads the state in crime fighting with special prosecutors, attorneys who handle all state criminal appeals, and training and help for local law enforcement.
You can learn more about the fight against crime in North Carolina and some initiatives Attorney General Josh Stein leads.
Learn how to spot and report an illegal meth lab and how to educate young people about the dangers of opioid misuse.
Know more about how to protect children from online safety threats, like cyberbullying and Internet predators.  Learn how to safeguard your personal information and your safety in the digital world 
Learn about how DNA analysis at the North Carolina at the State Crime Lab helps solve crimes and exonerate the innocent.

Watch Attorney General Josh Stein’s summary of NC DOJ’s anti-crime efforts in 2017. (excerpt from 2017 Annual Report video)