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Opioid Crisis

Confronting North Carolina's Opioid Crisis

The opioid epidemic is taking lives and tearing families apart across the country, including our state. More people die in North Carolina of an accidental drug overdose – usually an opioid – than any other cause of accidental death. 

Visit More Powerful NC to learn how communities across the state are taking action to take back their communities from the devastation of the opioid crisis.

Learn more about the problem, how we're addressing it, and how you can help and get help.

Visit the NCDOJ Opioid Resource Manual to learn more about how North Carolina communities are confronting the opioid epidemic.

Watch Attorney General Josh Stein speak on the Opioid Crisis.

Watch Attorney General Josh Stein’s summary of NC DOJ’s work on the Opioid Crisis in 2017. (excerpt from 2017 Annual Report video)