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Student loan debt totals more than $1.3 trillion, making it higher than credit card and auto loan debt, and second only to mortgage debt in the United States. In North Carolina, more than 60 percent of students who graduate from a private or public school have student loan debt. The average student loan borrower in North Carolina owes more than $25,000.
As Attorney General, one of Josh Stein’s top priorities is protecting people’s hard-earned money. A central part of that involves cracking down on fraudulent student loan relief groups, taking on for-profit colleges that scam families, target veterans and cheat consumers, and making sure that students are treated fairly in how they choose and pay for higher education.
The best way to get out of trouble is to avoid getting into it in the first place. Therefore, Attorney General Stein is committed to arming North Carolinians with important information – both before they borrow for school and when their loans come due – so they can make smart financial decisions about their college investment.

Whether you are a parent or prospective student considering a loan, currently in school, or recently graduated, there is information here for you.

You can use our student loan calculator to find out approximately how much your loans will cost each month once they come due. 

Also, learn what you should know before you borrow, while in school and after you graduate