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Ombudsman to the Crime Lab

The Attorney General created the Office of the Ombudsman to assist with external and internal complaints concerning the North Carolina State Crime Laboratory, to resolve issues, and to recommend changes when appropriate.  
The Role of the Ombudsman
The Ombudsman has the responsibility to address external and internal concerns regarding Crime Lab policies and procedures as well as actions by Crime Lab employees. These issues may concern systemic practices and the training of employees. Additionally, the Ombudsman will assist the agency to voluntarily resolve complaints and mediate conflicts concerning specific situations that require immediate attention. 
The Ombudsman provides the Attorney General with feedback on issues that surface and may make recommendations about changes to Crime Lab operations and decisions.

Read the report of the Ombudsman issued by Judge Vince Rozier, Jr.
Responsibilities of the Ombudsman
  • Providing specific recommendations concerning Crime Lab policies, practices, and training. 
  • Assisting the agency in resolving complaints and mediating conflicts
  • Providing answers to public questions about processes and procedures at the Crime Lab
  • Serving as a liaison to and mediating conflicts with all sectors of the legal field, including prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges
  • Promoting an environment conducive to raising and addressing sensitive employee concerns
  • Planning meetings and conferences to improve relations between the Crime Lab, law enforcement and members of the justice system.
Limitations of the Ombudsman
The Ombudsman 
  • Cannot provide compensation for believed grievances by the Crime Lab
  • Cannot provide legal advice
  • Cannot intervene with another law enforcement agency
  • Does not have the authority to order an employee to be terminated
Next Steps
If you believe the Ombudsman may be able to provide assistance with your concern, please express your concern here.
All issues brought to the attention of Office of the Ombudsman will be explored in a confidential and informal manner. To provide confidentiality, complaints or issues raised by employees or citizens can be submitted anonymously. Written information is subject to the Public Records Act.