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Law Enforcement Training & Standards

The North Carolina Sheriffs' Education and Training Standards and the Criminal Justice Education & Training Standards commissions regulate standards for the training and certification of sheriffs’ deputies, law enforcement officers, corrections officers, and juvenile justice officers. Both Commissions maintain a staff of employees at the Department of Justice.

The commissions each meet quarterly to discuss training and certification topics, as well as to hear cases of deputies or officers who have been accused of violating commission rules. The commissions are represented by attorneys from the Department of Justice.

The North Carolina Justice Academy, with campuses located in Edneyville and Salemburg, provides basic, intermediate, and advanced training for law enforcement officers in a variety of topics, including: anti-terrorism, community oriented policing, criminal investigation, traffic crash investigation, firearms, self-defense, and management and supervision.

The Law Enforcement Liaison Section of the Department of Justice provides legal guidance and technical assistance to state and local law enforcement agencies and serves as legal counsel to the commissions, the SBI's Division of Criminal Information, the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, and the North Carolina Company Police Program.