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North Carolina Department of Justice
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Legal Careers

A legal career at the North Carolina Department of Justice offers you the opportunity to use legal expertise on behalf of the people of the state.
The Department of Justice is one of the largest law firms in the state, with all levels of employment opportunities for those in the legal profession, including positions for legal support staff, paralegals and attorneys.
If you are a licensed North Carolina attorney, we offer opportunities in a broad range of practice areas, including labor, criminal, health care, environmental, consumer, and more. As a DOJ attorney you would appear in the state’s General Courts of Justice, the North Carolina Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, all levels of the federal court system and numerous administrative forums.
Attorneys, paralegals and support staff are provided with in-house training and continuing education programs.     
For questions on how to apply, contact the Department’s Human Resources section at 919-716-6490.