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North Carolina Department of Justice
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North Carolina Justice Academy

The NC Justice Academy provides training to thousands of criminal justice personnel and offers technical help to agencies on request. We also publish educational and training materials for law enforcement and develop courses to address new challenges confronting law enforcement.
Our instructors offer courses in specialized law enforcement skills, such as identifying elder abuse and identity theft. We offer tactical training, such as rapid deployment so law enforcement can keep schools safe.
We offer guidance on identifying illegal drugs to patrol officers, and such specialized skills as identifying hazardous materials and bombs. We keep current on law enforcement needs, such as knowing how to handle electronic evidence such as computer hard drives and videos.
We also work with the Department of Justice’s Training & Standards commissions to make sure mandatory in-service training is available to all law enforcement officers in the state.
Under Director Trevor Allen, our eastern campus in Salemburg and western campus in Edneyville provide training grounds for law enforcement on skills need for public safety.
Our address in the east is:
North Carolina Justice Academy
Eastern Campus
Post Office Box 99
Salemburg, North Carolina 28385
Phone: (910) 525-4151
Fax: (910)525-4491
And in the west is:
North Carolina Justice Academy
Western Campus
Post Office Box 600
Edneyville, North Carolina 28727