Every certified officer shall receive all required annual In-Service training topics as specified in 12 NCAC 09E.0102 and12 NCAC 09E.0108 during the calendar year.

All certified officers shall be included, whether they are full-time, part-time, paid, unpaid, regular, reserve, auxiliary, honorary, or special. (Calendar year runs from January 1 through December 31 of every year.) Failure to participate in and successfully complete all of the Required Annual In-Service Training Topics during the calendar year of service will result in the suspension of the officer’s certification.

The in-service training requirements are outlined in the Administrative Code 12 NCAC 09E. In summary, these rules require that every law enforcement officer certified by the Commission must receive 24 credits of in-service training annually. The topics for this requirement are outlined in the Code.

All sworn officers holding NC General Certification on December 31 of the current calendar year must complete training between January and December.

The Administrative Code directs the North Carolina Justice Academy to develop instructor and student lesson plans and training aids for the “Required In-Service Training Topics.” Additionally, the NC Justice Academy will develop lesson plans that may be used for the Department Topic of Choice. These materials may be obtained at cost from the North Carolina Justice Academy and are also available via the instructor’s in-service page (login below). The agency head is responsible for ensuring that all certified officers receive the training.

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