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1040-1300 hours per year at $33.00/hour.  

7/23/2021 – 08/06/2021 posting with initial resume review beginning on July 30, 2021

Assigned to the Department Administration and works under the direct supervision of the Assistant Chief. Accreditation Manager serves as the department’s primary accreditation coordinator to ensure compliance with IACLEA standards and any standards associated with future Accreditation opportunities. The Accreditation Manager is responsible for maintaining accurate accreditation records, revising, and updating departmental accreditation files as necessary. The Accreditation Manager also serves as departmental liaison with IACLEA and coordinates Re-Accreditation on-site visits. 

Prior experience in Accreditation (i.e. IACLEA, CALEA) preferred.
Some experience in organizational planning and project management, records management and retention procedures, or compliance initiatives, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
A two-year degree or higher preferred.
A job function may be considered Essential for any reason below:
1.  Responsible for coordinating the Police Department’s efforts toward achieving reaccreditation status with the IACLEA (International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators.
2.  Reviews, revises, and develops policy and procedure to help ensure accuracy, consistency, and clarity in administrative policy
3.  Edits policies, procedures, and other materials for policy
4.  Researches sources cited in policies and procedures
5.  Assists department personnel in identifying conflicting policies and procedures to resolve conflicts and revise accordingly
6.  Meets regularly with the Chief, Assistant Chief, Command, and other key personnel to identify needs and report progress on accreditation efforts
7.  Serves as liaison with the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) for all accreditation matters.
8.  Provides liaison with the University Compliance office
9.  Stays abreast of all aspects of the accreditation process, including proposed changes or amendments to the standards, assessing the impact of changes with current policies and procedures on the agency
10.  Provides related training for agency employees
11.  Assigns, directs, and coordinates groups of employees to achieve plans of action, recommendations to the Chief and other activities that meet compliance with applicable accreditation standards
12.  Serves as lead and subject matter expert in pursuit of additional accreditation designations, as directed by the Chief of Campus Police 
13.  The employee makes recommendations to the Chief and Assistant Chief to ensure the agency is proactive and strives to meet IACLEA standards.
Other Functions:
1.  Maintains policies and proofs of compliance files within the department and in conjunction with the Lexipol policy management system
2.  Serves as department administrator to the Lexipol policy management system
3.  Creates and maintains interdepartmental and interdepartmental communications
4.  Assist with the preparation and maintenance of accurate, up-to-date, and thorough records of inventory and locations of specified property owned by the police department.
5.  Performs related work as assigned.

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