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Police Commanders (Captains) serve as division leadership and coordinate the activities of the functional areas under their command. Captains also have administrative responsibilities that support the overall function and mission of the police department. Functional areas include patrol operations, investigations, communications, and more. Captains also serve in a rotating on-call capacity for Command on Call. Captains may also serve in command of the department in the absence of the Chief and Assistant Chief.

As leaders, Captains’ model desired cooperation and coordination between divisions and are responsible for the proper flow of communication and coordination between units and individuals under their command and across divisions. Captains serve as administrative guides and backups for their direct reports. Captains will exemplify quality leadership skills such as active listening, empathy, temperance, courage, wisdom, and ensuring procedural justice. Captains will ensure a balance of delegated authority versus personal contribution to completing tasks.

Any supervisor may be called upon to support patrol in a shift supervisory capacity depending on staffing levels or an emergency situation. As such, Captains must be able to manage schedules, evaluate direct reports, prepare, and recommend development plans, and provide coaching, discipline, and commendations as appropriate. Captains must be able to plan operations, make assignments, respond to questions from the public, and intake complaints. Captains are a resource to their direct reports and provide oversight to ensure compliance with policy, law, and local regulations. Captains do not typically carry a case load, however, must be prepared to support an assigned unit in its duties responding to calls, emergencies, and crimes, working special events, and other non-supervisory duties as necessary.

Sworn police personnel may be deployed/requested to assist in the field based on the operational needs of the department and may fulfill other law enforcement or administrative duties as assigned.

All sworn police officers are considered essential personnel for inclement weather and emergencies and may be required to work overtime depending upon the circumstances and special events.

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