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Primary Purpose
The School Resource Officer will be responsible for diverting minor law infractions through the school disciplinary avenues and parent counseling as opposed to sending the offender into the criminal court system. The School Resource Officer will develop various classroom presentations on a variety of subjects from substance abuse, youth, and violence, motor vehicle law and safe driving, juvenile law, etc. The School Resource Officer will be available to the faculty of their school to address student classrooms when requested. The School Resource Officer should be an officer who deals well with youth and is able to establish trusting relationships with students through support, good counseling, and confidence.

Essential Functions:
•To protect the lives and property of the citizens of Craven County.
•To enforce federal, state, and local laws, ordinances and assist school officials with the enforcement of applicable board of education policies and administrative regulations within reason.
•Investigate criminal activity committed on school property or involving students assigned to the officer’s school. Determine and initiate proper procedures of court proceedings, if necessary, and follow through the court process. This may involve seeking a juvenile petition, a custody order, or obtaining an involuntary commitment order.
•Meet with Juvenile Court Counselors as may be necessary.
•The School Resource Officer will not be utilized as a school disciplinarian, however, they may assist school administration in these duties as requested.
•Counsel students in special situations as needed or when requested by the appropriate school officials or the parents. Initiate conflict resolutions with students, parents, and teachers.
•Answer questions that students may have about Juvenile Law or North Carolina laws.
•Schedule classroom time and deliver curriculum concerning law enforcement.
• Assist law enforcement officers from other agencies with their investigations concerning students attending the school that the officer is assigned.
•Immediately notify a supervisor regarding any potential or dangerous incident which does or may occur on school property, such as a shooting, weapon or campus, serious assaults, firebomb threats, etc.
•School Resource Officer will maintain communication with the school administration and supervisors through assigned radio communication.
•School Resource Officer will be required to work special events and provide security for those events as needed by school officials. It will be their responsibility to evaluate and arrange for extra officers and to coordinate the events with school officials.

Minimum Education and Experience:

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