Deputy Sheriff – Sex Offender Compliance

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An employee in this class performs general law enforcement duties.  Work includes patrolling the County during an assigned shift in a vehicle; preventing, detecting, and investigating disturbances and crime; serving various civil and criminal papers; responding to calls; apprehending suspects, and executing related assignments.  Employees must exercise judgment, initiative, and calm control when performing duties; more difficult problems are normally carried out under the direction of or in conjunction with a Sergeant assigned to the same shift. Work involves frequent public contact which requires tact, firmness, and decisiveness.  Work is performed in accordance with departmental policy and state and federal law, supplemented with specific directions from superior officers.  Employees are subject to hazards associated with law enforcement work including working in both inside and outside environments, in extreme hot and cold weather, and exposure to various hazards such as dangerous persons, loud noises, and hazardous spills with fumes, oils, gases, or flammable liquids.  Work may subject an employee to comply with final OSHA Standards on blood-borne pathogens.  Work is performed under regular supervision and is evaluated through observation, discussion, and review of reports for adherence to laws, department procedures, and proper judgment.

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