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The Challenge
We are looking for law enforcement inspectors to enforce DMV and Chapter 20 of the North Carolina General Statutes rules and regulations. In this role, you will be assigned to 1 or more county across the state or at DMV headquarters. You may be transferred at the discretion of the Director based on Bureau needs.

In this critical role, you will conduct enforcement and investigation of auto thefts, anti-theft (including a preliminary and final examination of salvage vehicles), dealer and manufacturer’s licensing laws, safety inspections and emission laws, registration laws, mechanic lien and abandon vehicle laws, odometer and driver license fraud laws. You will interact and communicate with the public and inform and train inspection mechanics and inspections station managers in inspections laws, regulations and procedures.

You will prepare affidavits, secure evidence, write search and arrest warrants, prepare court summaries for testimony at dealer and inspection hearings, driver license/registration hearings and State and Federal Court proceedings.

You will provide first responder assistance at accidents, fires, hazardous material incidents and natural disasters. You will assist other Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies as needed. You may be assigned special investigations, projects and/or operations. You must provide accurate and timely information to the public and other law enforcement agencies regarding the responsibilities of the Division and the License and Theft Bureau.

You must successfully complete 4 components of a physical abilities test:

  • 300 meter dash in 78 seconds or less,
  • Minimum of 16 pushups in one minute,
  • Minimum of 24 sit-ups in one minute and
  • 1.5 mile run in 16 minutes or less.

You must also successfully pass a written test, panel interview, polygraph exam, in-depth background investigation, medical screening, psychological evaluation and drug screening exam.

In addition, you will need to successfully complete the DMV License and Theft Bureau Inspector Basic Training and Field Evaluation Training Program.

We recognize diversity as a strength and are a proud equal opportunity employer.

What You Bring

  • Knowledge of NC General Statutes Chapter 20 Motor Vehicle Law.
  • Knowledge of related law enforcement concepts, practices, theories, technologies and problem resolution techniques.
  • Ability to plan and organize daily work activities.
  • Capable of performing work with direct, but limited, daily supervision.
  • Demonstrated ability to carry out oral and written instructions and to prepare clear and comprehensive reports.

Necessary Special Qualifications
Certification as a Law Enforcement Officer in accordance with the provisions of the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education & Training Standards Commission.

Download Class B Misdemeanor manual:

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