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The Woodfin Police Department is announcing a vacancy for the position of Patrol Sergeant.  This position is open to internal and external candidates.

The Patrol Sergeant:

·         Supervises field activities of assigned Patrol Officers.

·         Responds and assists as needed with preliminary investigations.

·         Provides guidance in the area of career development of Patrol Officers.

·         Responds to assess all major incidents to notify appropriate personnel and assist as needed.

·         Reviews and approves incident reports, crash reports, all other mobile field reports as well as any other paperwork submitted by Patrol Officers or Investigators.

·         Performs public relations.

·         Assists Patrol Officers on felony cases.

·         Evaluates Patrol Officers’ performance on the scene.

·         Disciplines Patrol Officers when performance is below standards.

·         Performs regular Patrol Officer duties.

·         Decides level of response to emergency calls and criminal investigation call outs.

·         Confers with managers and supervisors to determine training needs.

·         Assists Patrol Lieutenant with administrative duties in patrol.

·         Assists in setting goals for the Patrol Division.

·         Performs any and all additional duties assigned by the Chief of Police or Patrol Lieutenant.


Minimum qualifications shall be in accordance with the Woodfin Police Department Procedure and Policy Manual Policy #25 (Internal Promotions).


These include:

·         No Officer may apply if underwritten disciplinary action by the Department.

·         Three years of full-time sworn service.


Recommend qualifications include:

·         Four years of full-time sworn service.

·         Field Training Officer.

·         Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate

·         General Instructor Certification

·         Strong computer and organizational skills


The minimum starting salary for this position is $46,410.00.


All internal interested applicants must submit a resume and letter of interest to the Chief of Police within ten (10) working days (excluding holidays).  Applicants who meet the minimum standards will be given a written exam and interviewed by an external promotional panel.


All external interested applicants must submit a resume and letter of interest to the Chief of Police.  Same may be delivered in person or by submitting to


The closing date is Friday, December 4, 2020, at 5:00 PM.

To apply for this job email your details to

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