Phone Number
Trevor Allen
Director 910-926-6000
Chris Anderson Deputy Director of Training910-926-6028
Deputy Director of Operations910-926-6048
Julynn Washington Accreditation Manager910-926-6068
Wendy Goff
Administrative Assistant I910-926-6026
Tony Losada Manager 910-926-6036
Leann Supko
Program Assistant V 910-926-6052
Jessica CookInstructor Developer910-926-6072
Scott GranthamInstructor Developer910-926-6022
Terry Miller
Instructor Developer 910-926-6044
Carolyn PopeProgram Assistant V910-926-6050
Michael GlennInstructor Developer910-926-6021
Danny GrayInstructor Developer828-393-2226
Casson Reynolds
Instructor Developer828-393-2225
Arron Stevens Instructor Developer910-926-6058
Alex GazawayManager 910-926-6069
Becky Peterson
Program Assistant V910-926-6047
Amber Burgess-CoxInstructor Developer828-393-2208
Merrily Cheek
Instructor Developer 910-926-6008
Chuck Cochran
Instructor Developer910-926-6005
Carlton Joyner
Instructor Developer910-926-6032
Paul Phelan
Instructor Developer828-393-2223
Matthew Sweet
Instructor Developer910-926-6062
Kevin TingenInstructor Developer910-926-6076
Desiree Malmgren Program Assistant V 910-926-6074
Marty Garris Instructor Developer 910-926-6003
Floyd Yoder
Manager 828-393-2228
Traci McConnell
Administrative Specialist II828-393-2218
Alex Cobb
Instructor Developer828-393-2209
Jerry Morse Instructor Developer910-926-6018
Robert TaylorInstructor Developer910-926-6038
Amit Sujanani
Program Assistant V828-393-2227
Jason BeebeInstructor Developer828-393-2217
Dan GrossiInstructor Developer828-393-2210
John SherbertInstructor Developer910-926-6017
Russell StricklandInstructor Developer910-926-6061
Scott Tyson Instructor Developer910-926-6066
Danielle Zercher
Quality Assurance 828-393-6779
Dan Worley
Manager 910-926-6073
Barbara BooneProgram Assistant V 910-926-6007
Jennifer Fisher
Instructor Developer 910-926-6019
Susan GillisInstructor Developer 910-926-6020
Sarah Livingston
Quality Assurance 910-926-6038
Kristi Jernigan
Instructor Developer910-926-6031
Amanda Stephenson Instructor Developer 910-926-6060
Melinda McClennyInstructor Developer910-926-6055
Jane Wiatrak
Instructor Developer910-926-6010
Michael Cummings
Library Supervisor910-926-6090
Cassell DeVane
Library Technician910-926-6016
Haley CooperAttorney I 910-926-6015
Robert BrackettAttorney I 828-393-2224
East Campus Support
Greg Raynor
Operations Manager910-926-6054
Reggie Iverson
Maintenance Supervisor910-926-6029
Tara McPhail
Residence Hall Manager910-926-6042
Meredith RaperProcessing Assistant III910-926-6098
Hazel McLamb
Housekeeping Supervisor 910-926-6039
Nathan BrightAcadis Manager910-926-6004
Judi Ivey
Marcella Bonner
Program Assistant V910-926-6006
Ramona Higgins
Audio/Visual Production Unit Manager910-926-6027
Brittany Alston TV Media Services Coordinator910-926-6092
Shanine West
TV Media Service Coordinator910-926-6063
Barbara Yow
Artist Illustrator II910-926-6077
Anthony FarriorBusiness Office Manager910-926-6059
Tina RichAccounting Technician910-926-6053
Dawn ThorntonProgram Assistant V910-926-6056
Pam HedgepethProcurement Specialist910-926-6025
Candace CannadyBookstore Manager910-926-6011
Kim McPhail
Inventory Assistant910-926-6043
Ed ScottInventory Assistant910-926-6057
Tom TillerPrint Shop Supervisor910-926-6065
Jordan FairclothPrinting Equipment Operator910-926-6046
Alvin Davis
Technical Support Analyst910-926-6013
West Campus Support
Ken LillieOperations Manager
Nakita Jackson
Residence Hall Manager828-393-2214
Andrew Nevins
Administrative Specialist I828-393-2220
Maintenance Supervisor828-393-2207
Stevie LanceGrounds Worker828-393-2216
Larry McCrary HVAC Technician828-393-2219
Brian Chapman
Technical Support Analyst828-393-2212
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