We are changing gears and talking about a new change to our course offerings in this episode. The Leadership Certificate Program is a new twist on a course many of you are familiar with, The Management Development Program, often called MDP. In this episode, we speak with Kevin Tingen and Matthew Sweet as they discuss […]

Today’s podcast will discuss Social Justice and Police Legitimacy.  Our special guest is Sheriff Paula Dance with the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office. In 2018, Sheriff Dance made history when she became the first elected female African-American sheriff. Remember, if you have comments, topic ideas, or questions, we would love to hear from you. Please contact […]

Today we speak with Russell Strickland from the North Carolina Justice Academy and Joe Kennedy with Cold Case Coalition to discuss how the coalition can help agencies with their cold cases. To contact them: Staff@coldcasecoalition.org For more information, visit their website: https://coldcasecoalition.org/   If you have topic ideas or questions, we would love to hear […]

Today we are wrapping up the discussion on Opioids in North Carolina by talking with Gary Ander and SGT Josh Hayes from Alamance County’s Stepping Up Initiative. Gary Ander and SGT Hayes will explain how the county of Alamance teamed up with everyone in the community and aligned with the Sheriff’s Office to make this […]

In this episode of NCJA 10-14, we continue our discussion on opioids and focus in on how some agencies are combating this crisis. Today we sit down with Brunswick County’s Jonathan Oliver and Sam Britt to discuss the Anchor Initiative Program and the progress they are seeing with the program and in their community.

We are continuing our discussions on opioids in North Carolina. This episode we talk with one agency about what they are doing for their community. Chief Mike Yaniero and Dr. Tobi Gilbert from the Jacksonville Police Department joins us to discuss their efforts to combat opioid overdoses. In this episode, are talking points are; new […]

In this episode of NCJA 10-14, we will continue our discussion on the opioid crisis in North Carolina and speak with Special Agent Israel Morrow with the North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement Division. Agent Morrow will speak on how the impact of the opioids crisis affects everything from alcohol sales to tobacco in our state. […]

In this episode, we are continuing our discussion on the opioid crisis in North Carolina. Today we will talk with Forensic Scientist Manager Katy Schell to learn how the State Crime processes samples and the role of the State Crime. 

In this episode, we are starting our six-part series on the opioid crisis in North Carolina. Today we will talk with Special Agent Kelly Page and Assistant Special Agent Jessica Cadwallader to learn more about how to properly handle opioids when they are encountered in the field.

In this episode, we will introduce the current Director of the Justice Academy Trevor Allen and he talks about his vision and direction for the future of the Academy.

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