As I travel the state, I hear story after gut-wrenching story from people who have loved ones struggling with opioid addiction. I have also heard incredibly inspiring stories of resilience, of ingenuity and of dedication to fighting this epidemic. Moms and dads of children struggling with addiction, local police departments and paramedics, city leaders, treatment and recovery experts, people in recovery themselves, and other community members across the state have stepped up to find innovative solutions.

Every community is unique; that is why I believe local solutions are often the most effective. With this in mind, my office decided to create a central place for sharing ideas we have encountered from people in different communities across the state. We hope this resource will serve to facilitate knowledge-sharing, connect allies, and spark inspiration among North Carolinians who all share a common goal: stopping the opioid epidemic.

Thank you for all you do.

Josh Stein

Attorney General