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  • Robocall Hotline: (844)-8-NO-ROBO
  • All Other Complaints: (877)-5-NO-SCAM
  • Outside NC: 919-716-6000

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Virtual Town Hall

Attorney General Josh Stein discussed coronavirus scams and answered questions from North Carolinians on how to avoid scams during the coronavirus pandemic in a virtual town hall.

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Be Cautious and Avoid Scams

Attorney General Josh Stein urges all North Carolinians to be on the lookout for scammers taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic.  NCDOJ is reviewing scam   complaints closely to help protect consumers and hold scammers accountable.

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Price Gouging Law in Effect in North Carolina

Attorney General Josh Stein and the North Carolina Department of Justice will be reviewing price gouging complaints from consumers closely and is prepared to take action against any businesses engaging in price gouging activities.

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Report Robocalls

Robocalls are disrupting the lives of far too many North Carolininans. Don’t let robocallers scam you with coronavirus scare tactics. Report online below or call toll-free at 1 (844) 8-NO-ROBO.

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