Below is a list of statewide organizations in North Carolina working to address the opioid epidemic.

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Addiction Professionals of North Carolina

Nonprofit Organization 919-256-3797

Governor’s Institute

Nonprofit Organization 919-990-9559

North Carolina Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence

Nonprofit Organization N/A

North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police

Law Enforcement 828-490-4611

North Carolina Association of County Commissioners

Local Government 919-715-2893

North Carolina Association of Local Health Directors

Healthcare Organization 919-828-6201

North Carolina Association of Pharmacists

Healthcare Organization 984-439-1646

North Carolina Board of Pharmacy

Healthcare Organization 919-246-1050

North Carolina Community Foundation

Nonprofit Organization 919-828-4387

North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys

Local Government 919-890-1500

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

State Government 919-855-4800

North Carolina Department of Insurance

State Government 855-408-1212

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

State Government 919-807-3300

North Carolina Department of Public Safety

State Government 919-733-2126

North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition

Nonprofit Organization 336-543-8050

North Carolina Healthcare Association

Healthcare Organization 919-677-2400

North Carolina Industrial Commission

State Government 919-807-2644

North Carolina Justice Academy

Law Enforcement 910-525-4151

North Carolina League of Municipalities

Local Government 919-715-4000

North Carolina Medical Board

Professional Licensing Board 919-326-1100

North Carolina Medical Society

Healthcare Organization 919-833-3836

North Carolina Office of the Governor

State Government 919-814-2000

North Carolina Rural Center

Nonprofit Organization 919-250-4314

North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association

Law Enforcement 919-743-7433

North Carolina State Crime Lab

State Government

Recovery Communities of North Carolina

Nonprofit Organization 919-231-0248/0249

Safe Kids North Carolina

State Government 1-888-347-3737