North Carolina Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Tracking and Information Management System (STIMS)

We owe it to every survivor to analyze the evidence in their sexual assault kit. The laboratory launched and began operating the state’s sexual assault evidence collection kit tracking system in October 2018. 

The system ensures that survivors, law enforcement, medical providers, prosecutors, and laboratory personnel can see the status of their kit. This transparency helps ensure that survivors are not kept in the dark about their kit testing, prevents backlogs, and places greater accountability on criminal justice stakeholders.  

You can access STIMS by clicking here.

The State Crime Laboratory uses DNA evidence and forensic biology to establish links between alleged perpetrators of a crime and the evidence. Our experts conduct analysis of evidence and test sexual assault kits to aid law enforcement investigations and get justice for survivors and victims. Learn more about the laboratory’s forensic biology and DNA testing, and learn what happens when testing kits results in a hit in the DNA CODIS database.