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State Crime Lab Leadership

Lab Director’s Strategic Vision:

The North Carolina State Crime Laboratory will be the premier crime laboratory in the country, serving the community through our dedication to science and setting the bar for transparency, quality, efficiency, and employee engagement.

Lab Values: 

The Laboratory is committed to inclusivity and excellence through integrity, transparency, and professionalism for the criminal justice system and the citizens of the State of North Carolina.

Lab Mission: 

Conduct the highest quality, technically proficient forensic analysis in a timely manner and provide impartial expert witness testimony. 

Lab Purpose: 

Truth through Science 

Lab Goals:

  1. Provide quality and timely forensic services to North Carolina’s criminal justice system. 
  2. Maintain ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory accreditation standards and individual certification for all eligible forensic scientists. 
  3. Provide training opportunities for all employees to maintain and/or exceed industry standards and to foster dedication and loyalty between our employees and the Crime Laboratory. 
  4. Identify and acquire necessary fiscal resources for the Crime Laboratory. 
  5. Collaborate with the Forensic Science Advisory Board, professional forensic organizations, private sector businesses, and academia to build research advancements in forensic science. 
  6. Add value to our community by offering tours of laboratory facilities and partnering with civic and educational groups. 

Lab Leadership

Laboratory Director – Amanda Thompson 

Assistant Director of Technical Operations – Elizabeth Patel 

Quality Manager – Timothy Suggs 

Laboratory Legal Counsel – Jason Caccamo 

For more information, please contact the Crime Lab.