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The Attorney General may issue legal opinions to state agencies and officials. These opinions provide advice on legal matters. While these opinions do not have the full effect of law or court order, they provide the State’s interpretation of the legal question presented and should be complied with by State agencies and officials.

Requesting a Legal Opinion

The General Assembly, Governor, Auditor, Treasurer, or any other State officer may ask the Attorney General for an opinion (N.C.G.S. § 114-2(5)).

  • State officers may request opinions by writing to the Attorney General at the Attorney General’s Office, 9001 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-9001.
  • The Attorney General is not authorized to provide legal advice or give legal opinions to the public.

Legal Opinion Copies

  • Viewable/downloadable Attorney General opinions are available on this page approximately one week after issuance.
  • Copies of opinions prior to 1977 can be obtained free of charge by calling (919) 716-6400 or emailing the office.
  • Printed copies of opinions are also available at the NC Supreme Court Library and other law libraries across the state.

Legal Opinion Search


11/08/10Personnel Information Required to Be Made Available For Inspection123-23The Honorable Linda Coleman
01/12/10Design, Build, Finance Agreements for the Construction of TransportationNCGS � 136-18(39)Eugene A. Conti, Jr.
09/17/09North Carolina Constitution Art. IV, Sec. 22North Carolina Constitution Art. IV, Sec. 22Honorable Jim Gulley
06/15/09Public Records Act; Accrued Leave Balances132-1; 126-22; 126-23Laura B. Luger
06/15/09Public Records Act; Accrued Leave Balances132-1; 126-22; 126-23; 135-1Laura B. Luger
02/05/08Confidentiality of Retirement Benefit Information126-23, 136-22, 135-5, 135-2Rand, Tony
07/02/07Workers’ Compensation Act; N.C.G.S. �97-19.1; Regulation of Motor Carriers97-19.1, 97-93,Saunders, Drew
11/07/06Authority of State Personnel Commission to Implement Career Banding126-1, 126-4,Wright, Thomas
06/06/06Applicability of Public Records Act to Certain Investment Documents132-1, 132-1.2, 66-152Moore, Richard
04/03/06Public Records Law – Criminal Records120-47.10, 132-1, 132-1.4,Maddox, Rodney
10/05/05Open Government143-318.11, Chapter 143, Article 33C,N/A
10/03/05Status Of Proposed Limited Liability Company-Rex Hospital116-37, 135-1, 135-8,Gilbert, Benjamin
09/12/05Review of Reserve Funds in the 2004-2005 Revised Certified Budget143-12, 143-16.3,Merritt, Leslie
05/19/05Qualification for Funding Under Federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001143B-164.15, 115C-105.31, 115C-110, 115C-325, 115C-37, 115C-5, 115C-66, 143B-164.10, 143B-164.13, 143B-164.14, 143B-216.41, 143B-525, 143B-529,Willoughby, Patricia
04/14/05Local Board of Education Authority to Adopt Modified School Calendars115C-84.2,Watson, Earl
02/09/05Drivers Privacy Protection Act105-319, 105-321, 105-322, 105-330.2, 132-1, 20-166.1, 20-43, 20-43.1, 20-7, 20-9,Tatum, George
12/02/04Vacancy on Board of Education; Election of Unqualified Candidate115C-37,Lamar, L. Wardlaw
11/18/04District Court Vacancy128-7, 128-7.1, 163-327, 163-9, 7A-140, 7A-142,Bragg, Christopher
10/12/04Applicability of Open Meetings Law to Tax Review Board Proceedings105-122, 105-130.4, 105-259, 105-269.2, 132-1.1, 143-1, 143-318.10, 143-318.11, 143-318.18,Moore, Richard
09/23/04Notary Public Commission and Effective Date of the Oath10A-3, 10A-8, 11-11, 11-7,Montgomery, Haley Haynes
08/18/04Premium Tax on Surplus Lines Insurance; Exemption for Cherokee Indian Reservation58-21-10, 58-21-85, 58-28-5, 58-28-65,Kolbe, Peter
08/03/04Permissible Mortgage Lending Activities of Exempt Entities53-243.01, 53-243.02, 53-243.15,Kinnaird, Ellie
06/30/04Commissioner of Motor Vehicles; State 401(k) PlanN/AWilliamson, Michael
05/06/04Vacancy on Elizabeth City Pasquotank County Board of Education115C-37, 115C-5,Hornthal, L
04/13/04Term of Appointments to Fill Vacancies on Brunswick County Board of Education115-19, 115-24, 115C-37, 115C-37.1,Causey, B. Joseph
03/28/04Issuance of Marriage Licenses to Individuals of Same Gender; Penalties161-27, 51-1, 51-1.2, 51-17, 51-6, 51-8,Covington, Willie
03/25/04Disclosure of Settlements132-1.3, 96-4,Payne, Harry
03/11/04Appointment of Guardians Ad Litem in Incompetency Proceedings35A-1107, 35A-1112, 35A-1114, 35A-1130,Hunter, Director, Malcolm Ray
10/28/03Wholesale Power Transactions between Electric Membership Corporations and other Persons117-10, 117-16, 117-17, 117-18, 117-20, 55-3-01, 55A-3-01,Dalton, Walter
10/21/03Centennial Authority; Vacancies160A-480.3,Gray, Jeffrey
09/22/03Authority to Grant Leases for Cultivation of Shellfish113-169.2, 113-201, 113-202, 113-202.1, 113-261,Pate, Preston
09/16/03Age Requirements for Entry Into Public School115C-288, 115C-364,Skinner, T. Brooks
09/15/03Bogue Inlet113A-100, 146-6,Preston, Jean
09/12/03Drug Testing7B-302,Beal, Pheon
08/19/03Dual Office115D-16, 128-1.1, 143B-313.2,Oakley, Daniel
08/15/03Escheats Fund116B-6, 116B-62, 116B-65, 116B-65(b),Stewart, Joseph
06/20/03Unauthorized Practice of Law84.1,State Bar, North Carolina
02/18/03Conversion Plans58-65-131, 58-65-132, 58-65-133,Kolbe, Peter
02/06/03Public Records126-22, 126-23, 126-24, 132-1,Waldrup, Charles
01/23/03Occupancy Tax160A-206, 160A-215,Eggers-Gryder, Rebecca
12/12/02State Treasurer135-7, 143-12, 143-16.3, 143-23, 143-25, 143-28, 143-3.2, 143-64.20, 143.2, 147-68, 147-69.2, 147-69.3,Campbell, Ralph
11/26/02Centennial Campus Executive Conference Center116-198.34, 116-41.1, 198.34, 57C-2-20, 66-58,Nesbitt, Martin
11/18/02Access of the Department of Crime Control and Public Safety to Tax Information105-259,Faires, Sabra
11/18/02Piedmont Triad Airport Authority143-128, 143-128.2, 143-128.3, 143-131, 63-1, 63-54,Cooke, William
11/12/02State Ports Authority143B-452, 143B-454, 143B-468, 143B-469, 143B-469.3,Basnight, Marc
11/08/02Confidentiality of Information to be Presented132-6.1, 147-33.82, 147-64.4, 147-64.6,Perdue, Beverly
10/09/02Junkyard Control Act Applicability to Ashe County136-141, 136-144, 136-145, 136-152, 136-155,Kilby, John
10/08/02Judicial Standards Commission; Confidentiality of Records126-22, 126-5, 132-1, 7A-109, 7A-377,Carrington, Deborah
09/06/02Mental Health Authorities122C-115, 122C-115.1, 153A-77,Winstead, Eddie
08/01/02Appointments to the State Board of Mortuary Science90-210.18,Sullivan, Terrence
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