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Officer Search: Revocation/Suspension Data

This page allows for a search of revocation and suspension data for sworn law enforcement officers in North Carolina. Both the Criminal Justice and Sheriffs’ Standards Commissions may revoke or suspend an officer’s certification after a finding that the officer committed or was convicted of a criminal offense; or, was in violation of some other Commission rule(s). Please note that some suspensions are issued for failure to complete a required training, rather than for any criminal act.

Officer’s first and last name should be entered as it appears in our database. You may also perform a search by entering the first letter of the individual’s first name and the first three letters of the last name; however, please be aware that this method may yield multiple results. Division “A” refers to Criminal Justice Standards and Division “H” refers to Sheriffs’ Standards. This information is true and accurate to the best of our knowledge; and was last updated on May 07, 2021.