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North Carolina Law Enforcement Accreditation

North Carolina Law Enforcement Accreditation Executive Committee and Advisory Group Members

Executive Committee

Advisory Group 

United States Department of Justice Executive Order 13929

“DISCLAIMER: These agencies listed are in the process or certified for compliance with the President’s Executive Order 13929. This form is updated every Friday at 5 pm. If your status has changed, it will not be published until the following Friday.”

Agencies Certified or In Process (last updated 04.29.2021)

Presidents Order

Instructions for Certification:

  1. Review Executive Order
  2. Pull your agency’s policy and ORI/EIN/DUNS number
      • Originating Routing Identifier (ORI): This nine-character alphanumeric identifier is assigned by the FBI for crime reporting purposes.
      • Employee Identification Number (EIN): This number is assigned by the IRS for tax reporting purposes. The EIN can be found on a W2 of payroll statement.
      • Data Universal Number System (DUNS): A DUNS is a unique nine or thirteen digit sequence recognized as the universal standard for identifying and keeping track of entities receiving federal funds. An agency will only have a DUNS number if they have applied for federal funding. Agencies can find their DUNS by using this lookup tool:
  3.  Email electronic copy of NCLEA-1A form and your agency’s policy to
  4. Mail a hard copy of notarized certification to:
      • Lacy McVey
        NCLEA Program Manager
        PO Box 149
        Raleigh, NC 27602
  5. From here, you will receive confirmation and a certification once all policies and NCLEA-1A form have been reviewed.