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North Carolina Law Enforcement Accreditation

The Sheriffs’ Education and Training Standards Commission and the Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission approved the North Carolina Law Enforcement Accreditation (NCLEA) program in June 2023. Accreditation through NCLEA is voluntary for law enforcement agencies in North Carolina, and there is no fee for participation. In addition to the NCLEA Standards Manual (Edition 1.0), a Program Guide has been adopted by both Commissions. Agencies desiring to pursue accreditation through NCLEA are encouraged to review the Standards Manual and Program Guide in their entirety.

NCLEA is accepting online applications. You MUST complete the online application for review in order to be considered for enrollment in the NCELA Program.  Agency CEO’s and Accreditation Managers should complete the application jointly. If you have any questions about the application itself, please contact the NCLEA Program Manager.


If you are an agency that has completed your self-assessment and are ready for both remote and on-site review of your files and department, please utilize this form:



We look forward to seeing you at this year’s conference (September 22-26, 2024).  Check the agenda for NCLEA specific sessions.

Click here for more information on NCLEAN Conference.


The first NCLEA Accreditation awards were presented at the Criminal Justice Education and Training Commission meeting on August 11, 2023 to NC State University, Roxboro, and Wilmington Police Departments.  These agencies participated in the BETA process that was instrumental in the development and approval of the NCLEA program.

And on September 15, 2023 the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office received their award at the Sheriffs’ Commission meeting. Congratulations to all!


Applying to NCLEA:
  • Review the Standards Manual and Program Guide
  • Determine if funding is needed to shore up any areas of concern
  • Complete the online application for enrollment
  • A potential site visit is set up by the NCLEA Program Manager
Accepted by NCLEA:
  • Download the NCLEA standards manual
  • Request training for AM from the Assistant Program Manager
Self-Assessment (24 mths):
  • Ensure Written Directives and Proofs of Compliance are prepared for every standard
  • Set up a mock assessment (basically a practice review by colleagues)
  • Address any deficiencies noted by the Mock Assessors
  • Notify the NCLEA Program Manager that your agency is ready for its official assessment
NCLEA Assessment:
  • Consists of an off-site electronic file review
  • And a site-based visit by trained assessors which involves:
    • Interviews with staff and community
    • Attending roll calls
    • Ride-alongs
    • Tours of facility
NCLEA Accreditation:
  • Final report from Assessment Team goes to Program Manager for review
  • Once approved, it is forwarded to the NCLEA Accreditation Committee
  • NCLEA Accreditation Committee will discuss with CEO and AM
  • NCLEA Accreditation Committee will make their recommendation to the appropriate Commission.
  • The Commission has the final say on whether to award NCLEA Certification to the agency



Accreditation Manager’s Resources:
NCLEA Documents and Application Form:
NCLEA Assessor Resources:
NCLEA Committee and Advisory Group Members: