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North Carolina Law Enforcement Accreditation

North Carolina Law Enforcement Accreditation Executive Committee and Advisory Group Members

Executive Committee

Advisory Group 

Getting Started

NCLEA Standards

NCLEA Program Guide

NC LEA Overview

NCLEA Agreement

United States Department of Justice Executive Order 13929

“DISCLAIMER: These agencies listed are in the process or certified for compliance with the President’s Executive Order 13929. This form is updated every Friday at 5 pm. If your status has changed, it will not be published until the following Friday.”

Agencies Certified or In Process (last updated 04.29.2021)

Presidents Order

Instructions for Certification:

  1. Review Executive Order
  2. Pull your agency’s policy and ORI/EIN/DUNS number
      • Originating Routing Identifier (ORI): This nine-character alphanumeric identifier is assigned by the FBI for crime reporting purposes.
      • Employee Identification Number (EIN): This number is assigned by the IRS for tax reporting purposes. The EIN can be found on a W2 of payroll statement.
      • Data Universal Number System (DUNS): A DUNS is a unique nine or thirteen digit sequence recognized as the universal standard for identifying and keeping track of entities receiving federal funds. An agency will only have a DUNS number if they have applied for federal funding. Agencies can find their DUNS by using this lookup tool:
  3.  Email electronic copy of NCLEA-1A form and your agency’s policy to
  4. Mail a hard copy of notarized certification to:
      • Lacy McVey
        NCLEA Program Manager
        PO Box 149
        Raleigh, NC 27602
  5. From here, you will receive confirmation and a certification once all policies and NCLEA-1A form have been reviewed.