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The Investigative Unit of the Criminal Justice Standards Division conducts administrative investigations of alleged or suspected violations of certification standards of the administrative rules 12 NCAC 9A .0204, 9A .0205 and 12 NCAC 9G .0504 & 9G .0505, which have been adopted by the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission in order to ensure that applicants for criminal justice officer positions meet and maintain minimum employment and retention standards.

Investigations may include inquiries of the following:

  • Individuals applying for or holding positions which require certification who are employed with any municipal, county or state agency requiring law enforcement officer certification.
  • Individuals applying for or holding positions which require certification who are employed with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice.
  • Individuals applying for or holding Company Police Officer commissions.
  • Allegations of training school improprieties by trainees, instructors or school directors.

Common rule violations include:

  • Making a material misrepresentation of information on Commission application forms required for certification or accreditation.
  • The commission or conviction of a criminal offense which violates Commission certification rules, such as a felony offense or a Class B misdemeanor.
  • Exhibiting a lack of good moral character which is expected of a Commission-certified officer; and
  • Failure to report the disposition of any criminal offense (other than minor traffic offenses) to the Criminal Justice Standards Division, after being awarded criminal justice officer certification, within the period mandated by the Commission’s administrative rules.

For questions or comments concerning the Commission’s Investigative Unit, you may contact Deputy Director Joseph Graziano with the  Criminal Justice Standards Division of the North Carolina Department of Justice.

Thomas Hopkins, Deputy Director: (919) 779-8204 or email